Welcome to Claremont

s2Claremont is about people having opportunities to shine and live happier, healthier, more connected lives. 

We provide a multidisciplinary spectrum of services and activities that research and experience suggest makes for happier, healthier people and communities.

Our services are based on values relating to mattering - that we need to matter to someone. Mattering is about being seen, witnessed, listened to, celebrated and supported. It is about genuine friendship and connection. You can read more about this elsewhere on the site. On top of this foundation, all of our services are embedded in a 5 Ways framework. The 5 Ways, first put forward by the New Economics Foundation (nef), runs through all we do at Claremont and each theme is briefly described at the foot of this page.

We work with a range of people, especially those who are isolated and lonely, and we have substantial experience providing services for older people. In this latter respect we are campaigning nationally for greater cohesion, quality and ambition in the provision of day time services.

We are a registered charity (No.1070611) and rely on grants, donations and legacy gifts to keep our services running.

We were delighted to have received the Royal Society for Public Health (RSPH) Arts and Health Award 2014 for significant contributions to research and practice in the rapidly developing field of creative arts and the wellbeing of older people. For more information on this, please click here.

In addition to our own services we also support a huge range of community groups and organisations and function as a vibrant community hub.

Here is a short film about our work with older adults:


Please see here for additional films and photos!

The 5 Ways Framework for Increased Well-being

1. Connecting:

This theme is concerned with building relationships as the ‘cornerstone’ of life. Having friends, and learning how to make new friends and keep them, fundamentally impacts our physical health and can even determine how long we live. (The research suggests it is on a par with not smoking/smoking!) Claremont tries to facilitate not just social interaction, where friendships can form, but groups where friendships can deepen through personal reflection and sharing. Psychotherapies are also on offer at Claremont and these can be helpful for exploring issues around friendships and significant relationships. These also offer safe and profound opportunities for connection.

2. Being Active:

Many people come to Claremont to take part in physical activities – from keep fit and tai chi, to dance, dance, and dance! Everybody these days knows the importance of physical exercise. Increasing your physical fitness, especially where there’s choreography, also improves your mind. Since most physical exercise involves other people, it is also helping to meet the first theme’s goal of increased social contact. People are active at Claremont with a wide range of physical abilities and ages. We are not a comfy-chair waiting room for the next life… (although we do have plenty of comfy chairs if people want to sit and chat!)

3. Being Aware:

This theme is about being curious, noticing the beautiful and unusual, savouring the moment and taking pleasure in different things. It is about being aware of the world around and what you’re feeling, reflecting on experiences and considering what’s important. Experiencing other people as equal subjects creates a rich shared world of experience. Claremont offers a range of activities aimed at promoting and questioning awareness, from the arts and formal therapies, to cultural activities, talks and visits. Claremont often puts on special projects aimed at exploring our experience of the world and these have included satirical pantos, a Latvian folk art gathering, an Alice in Wonderland Ball, and Tower of Babel and Ancient Greek festivals!

4. Learning:

This theme is about trying something new or rediscovering an old interest. It also covers taking on new responsibilities, setting a challenge and enjoying it.  It’s about learning new things to make you more confident, as well as just being for fun. Claremont offers activities where you can learn something new, such as a musical instrument (tin whistle or ukulele), art, creative writing, modern dance, ballroom dance, the history of tea, and more!

5. Giving:

This theme is about doing something for a friend or stranger, joining groups and being active in the community, volunteering and campaigning.  It is about looking out as well as in and seeing yourself and your happiness being linked to the community.  This includes informal and formal volunteering as well as ‘giving’ through performances, exhibitions and even just smiling and saying “hello” to another person in the hallway.



Photo: Claremont members by Claire Lawrie

We use www.surveymethods.com for our surveys and are very grateful for their generosity in providing free services for us.

We look forward to hearing from you!